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TCYC Sailor of the Year Challenge

The Sailor of the Year Cup is awarded annually to the sailor who turns in the best performance over a trio of diverse sailing challenges including a fully crewed regatta race, a single-handed race and a double-handed race, with each individual event run in any boat of the sailor’s choosing. The trophy was inaugurated in 2010, coinciding with the first year the Sailor of the Year challenge was held.

Sailor of the Year competition is open to all TCYC members and registration is not necessary, but please inform the Race Committee prior to the race if you intend to race single or double-handed so that you can be scored accordingly.

Qualifying races are as follows:


Single Handed qualifiers:

1. Passage Island Race

2. Sail-past Race

Double handed qualifiers:

1. New Years Day Race

2. Sail-past race

3. English Bay Scramble

Fully crewed qualifiers:

1. New Years Day Race

2. Spring Tune-Up

3. English Bay Scramble

4. Last chance Regatta

One race in each crewing category must be completed to be in contention (if contenders compete in more than one race in any crewing format the best result will be used). Competitors sailing small two-person boats (i.e boats whose normal full crew complement is two) may sail both the double-handed and fully-crewed qualifiers two-up, but they must declare this to the Fleet Captain for scoring purposes.  Results for Sailor of the Year will be scored on the low-points system, using PHRF handicaps with no division breaks. Contenders can use different boats for each race (sail a big, stable leadmine for Passage Island, get a Martin 242 lined up for the round-the-buoys action, and get yourself a reaching machine for the Scramble!).

Of course, you could also do it all on one boat, and then if you were really brilliant you might be able to win Fleet Champion Boat and Fleet Champion Sailor!

Trophy Previous winners:

2024 - Up for you to take!

2023 - Simon Hill

2022 - Insufficient qualifying races completed (no SH races completed by TCYC sailors)

2021 - Insufficient qualifying races run

2020 - Insufficient qualifying races run

2019 - Tim Coughlin

2018 - Phil DeGeller

2017 - Phil DeGeller

2016 - Simon Hill

2015 - Phil DeGeller

2014 - Kevin Dempsey

2013 - Stephen Snell

2012 - Simon Hill

2011 - Simon Hill

2010 - Tim Coughlin

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